Dear Future Spouse,


In the movie The Jeweler’s Shop (based on the book written by Karol Wojtyla) there was a scene where the son, Christophe, was asking his mom, Therese, how to win the heart of his childhood friend, Monica.

Therese looked at her son in disbelief as she responded to him, “I thought you were like your father!” And basically tells Christophe that he would not sit around wondering how to win a girl’s heart. He’d just “do it.” 

My love, I understand if you may feel fear of the future, but when you come to the decision that it’s time to commit yourself to me, and ask me for my hand, I need you to be strong. I need you to trust in God, and as Therese said, to just “do it.”

I will surrender my will to yours, and we will become one. 


Please pray for me

I might have a job out in Detroit for a well known Church media group, but I don’t have the funds to go there.

Please keep me in your prayers that I find the funds.

Keep him in your prayers. He’s doing a lot of good work right now. 

My latest video on how to pray the Rosary like a Boss. 

Ok… it’s called “Rosary Necessities”

Please pray for Vicky.

She’s heading into surgery next week.

Please pray for a successful surgery. 

She came into the store to purchase Lourdes water but we are out of stock.